The making of “Sometimes home is a person”

What was the inspiration?

This image is made for the series ’Tea tags’ I made together with Norma.
Inspired by labels with questions that a tea make has bound to it’s teabags. For a whole year, Norma saved the labels from the teabags. Each month I had to choose one question that was on them. Norma and I used the questions for inspiration, which I interpreted freely.

The question for ‘Sometimes home is a person’ was ‘what was the last thing you thought about last night?’.

If you ask people “tell me one of your dreams of things that’s on your wish list” Often the answer will be ‘a big new house’
I’m not different in that. I would love to move but a house isn’t necessary a home. Because a home is made with people who live in it and not the bricks they are made of.

The use of light blue was a conscious choice as blue is a symbol for serenity and security but also sadness and loneliness.
The blue tit is symbolically used for expressing good luck and truth.

About the edit itself.

After breaking my head over all these tea tags and what to do with them one day I got this image in my head from a girl with a house on her head wishing she could move to a place that suited her more. And that was exactly the thing I was looking for to the tea tag ‘what was the last thing you thought about last night?’ As I don’t like were I live at all and always hope someday I can move away from here.


So I started browsing my archive and found this beautiful beach and abandoned house.
The beach was photographed at Yport, France when on holiday there. The house is from the same holiday but was an abandoned house in Deauville.
Now I only needed a girl and Laura crossed my path quite by accident. She posed for me a year later on my terrace at home. Add some clouds and textures I made through the years and ta-dah ‘Sometimes home is a person’ was finished.
Here you can see the edit of the picture.


  • What was the last thing you thought about last night?
  • What colors would you use to express a feeling in your image?
  • What does this picture says to you, What story would you tell here?

One thought on “The making of “Sometimes home is a person”

  1. I would love to be able to move but it’s just not something we can do and I feel so stuck not just stuck from my being disabled but really stuck. I love to dream of making over a house if I had the money I would build on big property and have more animals and a space for my mom and mother in law with a nurse and a studio for me and a big garage for bill. Dream on indeed lol. I”m always forever the dreamer. I think it’s healthy to dream. I think that sometimes keeps us going. Head in the clouds is the first thing I thought when I saw this image and the forever dreamer like me lol. I like the symbolism here also with the bird letting the dreams take flight. I like the calm serene feeling you gave this with the colors you chose. This image just says it’s okay to dream and dream we should.


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