Lets talk about the color red

Have you ever had the blues, or felt green with envy, or been so angry you saw red?

Or maybe you’ve been tickled pink by a golden opportunity that came out of the blue? Color plays such an integral role in our lives that it even shapes the way we describe our moods.
The way different cultures see and describe the meaning of color varies dramatically around the world.

So lets get started.

Red is the color of our blood, hot and fast flowing. It’s rooted in our face and veins. Red means life, health and victory. It’s the color of the ancients cave paintings and of the clergy. It is the color of the blood of Christ.
It represents engird, action, despite and passion. Because the color is so stimulating it raises your heartbeat and blood pressure. It’s exciting, strong and powerful.
Such a powerful color provokes rebellion and tension. It is used to stimulate, create, draw attention to something, caution and warn us or in emergencies.
It has a negative assosiation with the devil. It’s a dominant color thats angry, ruthless and violent.
In Asian culture it symbolizes good luck, prosperity, celebration, happiness and a long life. In contrary to some countries in Africa who associate it with death.
And even though it’s a very popular color you’ll need to use it wisely and carefully.
To much red without a complimentary color to balance it could have a negative effect.





Famous blue art.

Look at the difference between te use of the color red in Salvador Dalís “The elephants” and Henri Matisses “The music”
The elephants is completely overwhelmingly by the use of red and when you see The music it is certainly a lot less aggressive but more passionate.

Where did I use the color red?

I use red a lot. Sometimes as a big in-your-face-way, sometimes as a really muted color. I use it in large quantities or just a small amount to highlight something.
Most of the works I sold ave red in it one way or another, of course there is always an exception.

Sometimes home is a person. – © Sabrina M
What’s your favorite hue of red?

Here are 24 shades of red. I’m a chili and burgundy red girl. I tend to go for the more muted reds with pops of highlight. But who knows maybe tomorrow I will go for the ferrari red instead. The choice of color changes as your mood changes.

  • What would your choice of red be and how does it make you feel? Tell me and the world about it. This could be very interesting.
24 shades of … graf1x.com


Example how the feeling of an image changes.
Photo by Joe Robles on Unsplash
To be continued – next week the color green.

2 thoughts on “Lets talk about the color red

  1. […] Luckily she was a good sport and not to scared to try this little circus act. The background of this image is something I had never done before and turned out really good I think. It is a drawing I made on the iPad using ProCreate, Apple iPad and Apple Pencil. The big advantage to this method is you can make any sky you like> So I could make a green sky that would make nice contrast with the red dress. The red dresses an obvious choice as it represents power, energy, excitement bit also danger and anger and all of this were things I wanted to express. You can read more on the blogpost about the color red.  […]


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