The making of “Follow you own path”

What was the inspiration?

This image was made after I was daydreaming I guess. I literally got the picture in mind. Next step was to figure out how I was going to make it. I needed to get the perspective of the model right to make it believable. So I asked the model if she would mind to pose and a high chair, on one leg with the other leg balancing on a rope. 

About the edit itself.

Luckily she was a good sport and not to scared to try this little circus act.
The background of this image is something I had never done before and turned out really good I think.
It is a drawing I made on the iPad using ProCreateApple iPad and Apple Pencil. The big advantage to this method is you can make any sky you like> So I could make a green sky that would make nice contrast with the red dress.
The red dresses an obvious choice as it represents power, energy, excitement bit also danger and anger and all of this were things I wanted to express. You can read more on the blogpost about the color red. 


The image is taken on a very cold and rainy day in Beveren. We needed to stop the photoshoot more than once due to the rain. So i’m very grateful for Eline who was brave and patient enough to make this shoot a great one.

  • What colors would you use to express a feeling in your image?
  • What does this picture says to you, What story would you tell here?
  • Did you ever use drawings in your photography?

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