The making of “An apple a day”

What was the inspiration?

In 2016 I got asked to participate in an exhibition with an auction all for a good cause. We all know the saying ‘an apple a day keep the doctor away’ This phrase was the signal for my brain to start working.   

I started drawing some of my ideas and finally came to this one. You can clearly see I was inspired by one of my favorite artist, the Belgian surreal painter Rene Magritte.


All I know had to do was to find a model who was free and wanted to give up some of her time for the cause. Immediately Greetje was up for it and we set a date to make this picture in her backyard. I just made three pictures, I’m not the kind of photographer that makes a ton of pictures and then finally go for the first picture.
Schermafbeelding 2018-12-21 om 13.00.15.png

I found the picture were Greetje was kneeling the most powerful so I went for that one even though my first idea was a girl standing.
All I had to do was to make a picture of the apple and editing could begin.
It’s not a very complex picture to make, just a lot of masking. The background is a composite of two images I made in France. One of the sky, one the soil.


It doesn’t always have to be complicated to make a great impact. As they say less is more. Well sometimes.
The auction was a great success and I am glad I could do this little gesture to support Voedzaam vzw.

  • Have you ever made a image for a good cause? Drop a line in the comments.
Sabrina-M and Alex Calier (Hooverphonic) in front of ‘An apple a day’ © 2016


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