A few days ago I came across some great music on YouTube. Well actually it was Vero that whispered it in my ear.

The artist is @Jorge⁠Millar with the song “Solitude” 

I’ve listened to it a few times now and it keeps popping up in my head. In Belgium we talk about an #earworm . I don’t know if it’s called that in English but you know what I mean. A catchy piece of #music that continually repeats in your mind.

So thumbs up from me 👍🏻

I found my image “Abandoned” really fitted the song. It’s a pity I haven’t got a speed edit of the image because Solitude would be a great background song.

Visit his account on Vero or many other spaces which you can find on his account here. Jorge on Facebook – iTunesTwitterSpotify

Solitude By Jorge Millar




Quirky and amazing Chirstmas gift


This little quirky book is the history of the family Bell. I can guarantee you, they are quiet unique.
The whole family has about 19 pictures and I made a small coffee table book with them, spiced with little stories and fun facts about the person.
The book is set up like a family tree, so you can browse and search for the family connection.

Read about there unique stories.

It’s a translating of a childhood fantasy of having an interested family.

I spend hours browsing old pictures in search of a portrait that could become a new member go the family tree.
Once a portrait is found, the imagination kicks in, adding props and colours, slowly building the character and persona. Using Photoshop to digital hand-colour and manipulate images to make then fun, quirky and surreal.
I often use my own genealogy as a guide to get the dates right, couldn’t have a family tree where the mum is older than grandma.

This is an absolute great little gift for a friend or yourself.

You can now order “The perfectly bizarre and fake Family Bell’ in Etsy only €35 or $40 shipping included.

Why not give someone something different as a present, they will love it and certainly put a smile on their face.
The perfectly bizarre and fake Family Bell on Etsy

WikipediArt on Twitter “”The time in between” Artwork by Sabrina-M”

Got another feature at Wikipediart. 🤩 https://twitter.com/wikipediart/status/1000823576302424064?s=21
WikipediArt on Twitter “”The time in between” Artwork by Sabrina-M” More info @ Automated post from Fine Art by Sabrina-M – May 27, 2018 at 09:41PM
More info @ https://ift.tt/2siHQOi