Sometimes home is a person

“Sometimes home is a person”
Wednesday I asked you all the question, 👉🏻What was your last thought yesterday?
I often think about moving. I’m not exactly satisfied to live in this area and this house. I’m often dreaming with my husband, our daughter and her family to immigrate to France. But that does not really happen. I like solitude, minimalism, tranquility and living in a city like Antwerpen all these things fairly impossible. But you should never give up your dreams, you never know.
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Sketching Wednesday 

Sketching Wednesday. Monday I asked you all the question, 👉🏻What was the best day of your life👈🏻Many of my female friends will answer this with “having my baby” And although I’m a mum too and she’s very special too me, my answer is the day I married and left home was my best day. Not the day itself because it was a disaster but the fact that I left my childhood behind and slowly build my own life. It took me nearly 30 years to finally feel okay, even happy sometimes. Okay it’s late in life, but for the first time I don’t have the need to be an actor in my own life, at last I’m me. 

Together with my friend Norma I’m working on a new project. As inspiration for our work we take questions from #pickwick#teatopics In the next day’s I will reveal my new work as an answer to the question bit by bit .