Lets talk about the color green

Green shoots of change, green with envy, green eyed monster, green fingers. What would the world be without green?

Not surprisingly the color green has many associations with nature. Green is all around us. It is the grass we walk on, the leaves on the trees. We see it as nature, growth, eco-friendliness.

So lets get started.

Green is the color of pure harmony, it brings rest and watches over our health. It is the balance between our bodies and our minds, which brings us recovery, peace and oxygen. The color goes back to the core of our life but can sometimes comes across as annoying. On the other hand, it is a fertile environment in which work, success and health come into balance. As green is the most common color in nature, our eyes are fully adjusted to this and green provides us with peace and security. The symbol of safety can be found in our traffic lights. The calming effect of bright green tones is therefore very useful for rest and waiting rooms.

Today green is used to let us know a system is turned on, the road is safe to cross and in computer games green is used to show is our health and completed tasks.

On the other hand, deeper tones and certainly the famous ‘British Racing Green’ give a clear signal of status and wealth. Often it’s used to point out something is toxic. It’s the color of greed and envy too.

In Chinese culture, green stands for cleanliness and purity from contamination.





Famous green art.

Although green was used for ages in paintings I tend to think that the impressionists totally went overboard with the use of the color. In 1841 Geoffry Rant invented paint in tubes so artists could go out and paint ‘on plain air’. New chemical processes resulted in a very big variety in colors and new colors like chrome green made it to the market. Just look at all the beautiful landscape and garden paintings made by Monet, even Monets house is full of green.

Where did I use the color green?

Personally I don’t like green. In my house or wardrobe you will have a difficult time finding something green. Except from the garden of course although I doubted if I would go for blue fake grass or real grass. The real stuff won from the fake 😉
This image ‘An apple a day” was made especially for auction to raise money for a local food bank. I used the green apple as a symbol of hope and at the same time it’s a message of envy. Envying all the people who don’t have to think about how they are going to feed the kids tonight.
We all now the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’
If you can’t eat healthy your body will suffer one way or another.


An apple a day © Sabrina M – 2016
What’s your favorite hue of green?

Here are 24 shades of green. If you really force me to pick one I would go for the sage or jade hue.

  • What would your choice of green be and how does it make you feel? Tell me and the world about it. This could be very interesting.
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Example how the feeling of an image changes.
Photo by Joe Robles on Unsplash
To be continued – next week the color brown.

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